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Live Simulation Training by Simsource, Inc.

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The closest thing to the real thing.

Real experience, to prepare them for the real world.
Fast-changing scenarios, to make them think on their feet.
The confidence they can only get from experience.
The skills to handle any challenging situation.
All this and more...with actor-based simulation from SimSource.

People learn from people

The SimSource live simulation approach deploys trained actors to create safe, repeatable, unique encounters that emulate real experiences. We expose your employees, students or trainees to real human behavior, delivering a robust educational experience you won't find anywhere else.

Simulation training can help you

SimSource applies our proven model in the legal, health care, and education sectors, and we also help corporate employees build skills in key areas for business success (customer service, human resources management, conflict resolution). We can apply our methods to any industry, and any given situation.

We make it easy for you to explore what live simulation and performance-based training can do for you. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation and we'll show you the impact that only live simulation can deliver!


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