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SimSource Inc. is a communication company that provides performance-based training and assessment services. We assess your simulation needs, assist you in creating simulation scenarios that are unique to your industry, train our actors and put the simulation on it’s feet.

In a nutshell we get your students or employees out of their chairs in a controlled and safe simulation environment. With our staff of experienced project coordinators and a pool of 35 professional actors we create effective simulations that are realistic and reliable.

  Martin Hurm, SimSourceInc.
  Martin Hurm
Founder, President of
SimSource Inc.
  Theresa Rubino, SimSourceInc.
  Theresa Rubino, CPA
Director of Business
Operations and Finance

Martin Hurm
Founder and President

Martin has worked for over 15 years in medical education simulation. During that time he developed effective actor training and feedback modules, which enhanced the simulation performance of the actors and delivered structured, specific and constructive feedback sessions to learners. He also developed simulations for three Town Hall meeting events at the University of Illinois at Chicago using simulation to illustrate how sexual and race bias can be an unconscious element in the university hiring process. Martin is a certified mediator, receiving his training at the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago.

Theresa Rubino, CPA
Director of Business Operations and Finance

Theresa began her professional career working in film and television production in Washington DC and Los Angeles. After 10 years of experience (and many interesting stories), Theresa moved back home to Chicago and began a new career in business management. Her affinity for numbers led her to accounting and ultimately to earning her CPA designation. The combination of her production background, experience working with actors and her business acumen has made her a valuable leader at SimSource Inc. Theresa also serves as a member of the board of directors for the Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Health Care.

Our Actors
Good acting and keen communication skills are our lifeblood. Some of our actors are working actors in Chicago and others come from a variety of other areas such as education, healthcare and business, bringing diversity, experience and insight into each simulation. No matter their background all of our actors are trained in feedback techniques that provide insights into behavior observed during the simulation. Drawing upon these insights and the cause and effect it had on the simulation are what we specialize in.


Our Mission: To provide customized performance-based training, assessment and consultation for a variety of industries.


Our Vision: To foster an environment in which participants are given the opportunity to do their best work in a safe, respectful, positive and constructive simulation environment and take that experience and allow it to reflect in the community at large.


SimSource Inc., Chicago, IL
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