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netflix - doesn't need customer service training consultants, but you doOffering good customer service is essential to keep customers happy and satisfied with the company, but it can be difficult to train your employees on the proper way to communicate with the customers that they come in contact with. A recent experience with Netflix customer service showed a customer how communicating with a customer service representative can leave a positive impression on the customer. When the man called in to report a problem with the streaming service of a television show that he was watching, the rep made the experience fun by referring to himself as “[Captain] Mike of the good ship Netflix.” This simple introduction started a fun conversation with the customer, and in the end the problem was resolved and the customer was left with a good memory of his interaction with the company.

Most employees do not naturally go the extra mile to help each customer that they work with, which is why it is so important to hire customer service training consultants to help your employees gain the skill sets that they need. Customer service training consultants can provide activities to improve the skill set of each employee, such as simulation programs that give the employee the opportunity to practice their response in various situations. As the employee participates in the simulation, the customer service training consultants can offer advice on how to improve the interaction.

SimSourceInc.com is a highly qualified training company that can help your employees to improve their customer service skills, which can have a domino effect on many other areas of the company. When employees are interacting with each customer in a respectful way, the customers have a good experience with the company which means that they will be more likely to refer their friends to the products or services that are offered.


conflict resolution training from sim sourceThe University of Florida understands the importance of conflict resolution training for the students and university employees, and they have designated a week of workshops to help people learn how to effectively handle conflicts that may arise at work or in a home environment. Companies and individuals can learn a lesson from these series of workshops: that conflict resolution is an important skill set to have in order to maintain good relationships and experience success in projects at work and at home.

In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to resolve a conflict because there is so much emotion associated with the conflict that is occurring. But, as an individual you can be trained on specific tips and strategies that can be used to diffuse the situation and leave every person feeling happy with the final result. More companies are beginning to see the importance of conflict resolution training, and they are making these training services available for their employees. The employees are able to employ these techniques in the work place, and the skill sets are also beneficial for their home life as well.

It can be a big task to train an entire workforce, but there are specific tools that can make the process a little easier and much more effective. Companies such as SimSource.com offer conflict resolution training in the form of simulations that can be experienced by each person participating in the training. These simulations will help the individuals to better understand ways they can resolve conflict that may arise, and the training is given in a safe environment where behavioral options can be explored without feeling the heat of the moment. When the skill set is in place, then the person is more likely to respond to conflict in a non-emotional way, which helps them to solve the conflict more effectively.


customer service training consultants Good customer service is a must for any business to survive and thrive these days. Without it, a company’s reputation begins to suffer; if problems aren’t addressed quickly, profits usually begin to dip rather significantly.

Magic Mountain, an amusement park in Southern California, has apparently not received this memo. Park guests frequently lose items on the roller coasters when they fall out of pockets during the wild ride. Unfortunately, their lost and found department appears to be a black hole where calls are never returned. Every day, many items are recovered, including cell phones and glasses, but their owners have no way to get them back. The park apparently has a list of complaints from visitors who never received a return call; but no one returns emails or messages. To make matters worse, cell phones that are unclaimed are then sold to businesses that refurbish and sell them to eBay.

There is no doubt that staff at Magic Mountain are in dire need of outstanding customer service training consultants. Treating customers like this is a great way to ensure they will never return. Good customer service will help you grow your business, but unfortunately many companies today don’t seem to understand exactly what that entails, or why it is so important.

Simsource offers Customer service training consultants who have the ability to simulate real life situations in order to help give your employees the tools needed to provide the customer service excellence that is critical in today’s business environment. This offers a safe environment for your reps to experiment with different scenarios before attempting them with customers. How you handle your customers will greatly affect your company’s ability to meet its goals.

Customer service training consultants can help enhance and provide your reps with the skills need to communicate professional, gain respect, win new customers and enhance current customer relationships to gain a competitive advantage over the rest – and ultimately save your business’ reputation.


workplace conflict resolutionStanding on the sidelines and ignoring workplace conflicts may have a huge detrimental effect further down the line. Poor communication that is left unaddressed can impact everyone at all levels of the organization, and ultimately the profits of the business. A team that doesn’t know how to communicate properly will not operate efficiently, reflecting on that team’s manager. Conflict can quickly derail communication; it’s essential to emphasize effective conflict resolution.

When employees stop communicating because a conflict has occurred, the organization starts to see the effects on their bottom line by losing employees or through decreased productivity. People who aren’t getting along usually aren’t talking to each other, which also means that they aren’t collaborating and sharing pertinent information. Workplace conflict resolution is crucial for an efficient workplace.

Workplace conflict resolution requires problem solving abilities as well as effective communication skills. SimSource offers conflict resolution at work training that can help teach these important skills and avoid serious issues that can hamper productivity. Training sessions can include individual projects that focus on one-on-one encounters as well as workshops that provide interactive learning.

Simulation has shown to be one of the most effective tools for workplace conflict resolution. It allows employees to learn in a safe environment some of the most effective options for resolving issues and improving their methods of communication. It also helps to breakdown challenging problems to discover the best solutions before a minor conflict turns into a major obstacle that can prevent people from communicating and working together.

Utilizing SimSource’s workplace conflict resolution training can improve employee communication not only with co-workers but when dealing with customers as well. With the knowledge and the ability to communicate, your employees can help the department, and company, reach almost any goal.  Effective training using face-to-face methods such as what is offered through SimSource, is really the only way to ensure an efficient, smooth-running operation.


interactive training for conflict resolution in the workplace Conflict in the workplace is practically inevitable. Misunderstandings and communication difficulties are one of the most common problems due to a variety of personalities and work styles trying to coexist in one setting. A variety of different conflicts can occur with some more serious than others, but all ultimately hurt the business. Conflicts cause stress not only to those involved in them, but to co-workers around them, which negatively affects productivity. The work that is done is often not done as well either. A communication breakdown becomes quite a serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly.

Many employees have difficulties when it comes to communicating with co-workers, especially when coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. Interactive training from SimSource can be one of the best tools to allow employees to understand how to properly resolve conflicts in the workplace in an effective manner, improving office communication and, ultimately, productivity. It provides employees with a safe environment to learn about conflict and to consider the most effective options, before the problem occurs. If it does, they’ll be able to handle it much easier.

Conflicts and poor communication in general have been known to boost absenteeism rates with workers taking more sick days. These issues can also cause low morale and make employees more likely to quit, increasing company expenses with having to hire and train someone new. It can also affect customers, if a frustrated employee is less enthusiastic about providing good service or selling a product.

Interactive training allows an employee to understand the impact of their words and behavior and to get a third party perspective. Going over potentially challenging scenarios before they occur, and determining the best solution is an excellent way to prevent communication breakdown and resolve conflicts at the start. Utilizing interactive training may be one of the best decisions are company can make to help ensure a cohesive workplace and maximum productivity.