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Simulation training has a role in virtually any business.  Whether a company is looking to help improve its workers ability to handle client relations, trying to teach conflict resolution and management, or provide training before the business opens its doors, the right method is everything.  Manuals and videos can be a cheap way to train employees, but they are also ineffective, as they simply do not put users in a real life scenario with feedback and assistance.  Customized training solutions work to help businesses better train employees in virtually any business, scenario, or field.

There are many sectors of business that frequently make use of customized training solutions.  Law schools often use simulation training to help prepare students for real life legal situations, while health care providers undergo training to help them learn better skills in how to deal with many different types of patients.  Human resources and customer service training are both excellent for businesses of all sizes, and corporate training and development can make sure that everyone within a large corporation is on the same page and working towards the same growth and goals.  Mediation and conflict resolution is also a great area for specialized training, as it can help ensure that employees know how to effectively manage conflict so that it does not impact morale or company performance.

With the right customized training solutions, your company can achieve virtually any goal.  Proper training means creating a unique training project that is specific to your company, whether you are considering one on one training of your employees or a workshop or seminar situation where employees watch actors improvise different scenarios and change them as needed to help employees better learn the skills or reactions needed of them.  The opportunity for feedback is also an important part of training, and each encounter or training session should provide this feedback to help reinforce accomplishments as well as to point out areas of challenge and to facilitate problem solving.


Customer Service Training Is Key to Any Business

customer service training from simsource inc.In a recent press release, international delivery company DHL announced that their focus on delivering excellent customer service has paid off in a large way.  The company has earned more than 163 honors in more than 48 different companies just in 2013 alone, 64 of which have been for their outstanding commitment to customer service.   DHL has worked hard to be the provider of choice for those needing delivery services, and their excellent customer service has played a large role in their success in this.

Customer service training is something that no company, no matter how large or small, can afford to overlook.  Customers always have options, and in today’s competition-driven global economy, customers who feel they have been treated poorly or received less than excellent value for their money are likely to turn elsewhere in the future.  This makes customer service training more important than ever, and simulation-based training can offer many benefits over traditional manuals and guidelines. This type of hands-on training is more beneficial than seminars that merely teach a company’s customer service values and policies through lecture.

With customer service training provided by SimSource, what you get is simulation training from some of the best improvisational actors in the business.  Our team can create a variety of customer-employee scenarios and can change the direction and mood of a simulation seamlessly to provide employees with a challenge that really encourages them to master the best customer service skills.  Interactive learning works best for all learning types, whether visual, experiential, auditory, or other, and the difference that it can make in the levels of customer service provided is measurable.  All training also includes communication feedback, which means that our actors will provide each trainee with detailed feedback on how the encounter went, what their strengths were, and what areas were challenging or require problem solving.  The right customer service really can make or break your business, and in today’s world, that means providing the right training.


workplace conflict resolution training Nothing derails productivity more than workplace conflict. Instead of leaving their personal problems at home, some employees drag in their bad attitudes into the workplace, infecting it with negativity. The diverse nature of the contemporary workforce produces different employee values and interests. Poor communication skills can lead to misunderstandings between employees. Scarce organization resources prompt employees to compete for available resources just to stay afloat at their job. Finally, we have the human element of personality clashes that cause employee conflict on a daily basis.

People tend to handle workplace conflict is several different ways. You have employees who hide their heads in the sand and hope the conflict magically disappears. Some organizations promote the winner, which can exacerbate simmering feuds. Passive employees accommodate aggressive employees by placing more emphasis on maintaining a calm work environment than achieving career goals. Successful organizations find ways for employees to collaborate and/or compromise in order to settle workplace conflict. However, collaboration and compromise does not happen without ongoing workplace conflict resolution training.

SimSource Simulation has established a reputation for fostering collaboration and compromise to solve workplace conflicts. The company’s workplace conflict resolution training employs actors to simulate scenarios that commonly unfold in the workplace. The actors lead live simulation training in workshops or seminars that engages attendees to resolve workplace conflicts by utilizing learned workplace conflict resolution training skills. The actors teach and then assess the conflict resolution skills of the participants who attend the seminars and workshops. Feedback plays an integral role in improving the conflict resolution skills of workshop and seminar attendees. Companies of all sizes send employees to SimSource sponsored simulation trainings to improve workplace conflict resolution skills.

The ultimate goal of workplace conflict resolution training is to end the conflicts that destroy morale and impede productivity. Resolution typically occurs when employees clearly articulate the causes of workplace conflict, even if there exits different perceptions of the causes. Employees must establish how they plan to communicate why they want the conflict resolved. As SimSource actors continually reinforce during simulation training, employees cannot resolve conflict by communicating via email or written memos. They must meet face-to-face to address the issues that cause workplace conflict.


interactive training improves employee performance in unfamiliar situationsMany companies invest a substantial amount of money on employee training. These same companies invest in human resource professionals to devise formal training programs and ongoing skill development sessions for their employees. From on the job training to simulated interactive workshops and seminars, employees typically acquire the tools they need to achieve their professional goals. However, some training programs miss the most critical element of employee training: feedback. Feedback is the evaluation and communication of training performance. With interactive training, employees must receive immediate feedback for the training to produce positive results.

Interactive training involves role-playing, a training tool that many employee-training companies refer to as simulation training. Employees act out numerous workplace scenarios to sharpen their skills. The training can include simulations that help employees resolve workplace conflicts or find better ways to perform their workplace responsibilities. Training feedback ensures that employee development workshops and seminars improve on the job competencies in a cost efficient manner. Chicago based SimSource is one simulation training company that incorporates feedback as the primary feature of its workshops and seminars.

Interactive training feedback improves employee accountability. and the employees who attend these workshops and seminars take more responsibility for their actions. Feedback provides a measuring tool for companies to use in assessing the cost effectiveness of employee development programs. Training companies utilize feedback to help client employees improve the quality of the work environment, employee behavior, and professional skills. Feedback also helps the actors who run live training sessions to discern if their simulations have enhanced employee performance. The feedback given to simulation trainers can include communication and conflict resolution skills.

Too many organizations do not realize the benefits of interactive training feedback. The organizations simply send employees to conferences and never discuss what transpired during the live training sessions. Some organizations may spend some time listening to feedback from the simulation actors and employees, but do not act on the feedback. Because live simulation training costs more than virtual simulation training, many companies have chosen to provide their employees with computer simulation training. Computer based training does not provide the same quality of feedback that employees receives in live settings.


call center customer service training As a business owner with a call center, you have to be certain that your operators and representatives are able to handle any task, situation, or scenario.  Regardless of your type of business, the performance of your employees has a direct impact on everything, from client satisfaction, revenue and more.  Here at SimSource, Inc, our talented actors can help you train your call center employees to handle almost anything by providing improvised call center customer service training that puts them in a variety of unique situations and teaches them the proper communication skills needed to handle those situations.

The benefits of call center customer service training are quite multi-faceted.  One of the most powerful benefits of this type of training is learning how to mediate and resolve conflicts with callers.  This can be done via individual or workshop training and is a necessity for call center employees.  Trainees will receive a great deal of reflective and constructive feedback after each scenario training. This ensures that they understand what skills and strengths they show, as well as what areas of communication can be improved on.  Both written and verbal feedback is given, allowing the participant the chance to work on improving those areas that can use help.

With call center customer service training provided by SimSource, Inc., participants get the chance to address their accomplishments, as well as to break down areas that need improvement; doing so can better their understanding of what solutions are available in those situations.  By listening to an objective third party, they can learn how their responses affect others and how to best handle a situation.  In short, using these types of scenarios to train customer service representatives, in a call center, can greatly boost customer satisfaction and service, while leaving you confident that your employees are doing the best job possible.