Healthcare Simulation Training

"Patients judge their experience by the way they are treated as a person, not by the way they are treated for their disease."

-Fred Lee, from If Disney Ran Your Hospital

There's no business more intimate than caring for people's health. Make sure your staff is creating meaningful connections with each and every patient and family member, in a high-functioning environment that promotes effective teamwork.

SimSource offers the tools and training to help your organization drive the most positive patient experience. Our live healthcare simulation training and assessment programs help your team excel at:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Customer service
  • Managing/resolving grievances and complaints

For the most high-functioning team and workplace, SimSource also offers mediation and conflict resolution for hospital staff and residents.

The SimSource advantage

SimSource training and assessment helps build skills and strengthen the emotional intelligence of your staff. We work closely with hospital staff to create live simulation encounters that mirror real situations in hospital or clinic settings and effectively reveal the most effective approaches, as well as areas for improvement.

Leverage SimSource to:

  • Strengthen teamwork, through group training that provides all team members with the same scenario and information to help members build on individual strengths and balance weaknesses
  • Call "time outs" during encounters to review decisions, discuss options and agree on next steps
  • Reinforce and review hospital policy or procedures, producing a more cohesive approach to patient relations

A more informative assessment

Live healthcare simulation encounters offer critical advantages over and above patient surveys when it comes to assessing the patient experience. With SimSource's proven assessment approach, you'll gain a clearer understanding of what contributed to a patient's poor experience (which can damage your reputation and lose business for your organization) and how to address issues and improve your team's performance.

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