How Can Simulation Help You?

SimSource Inc. can assist you in creating the type of simulation you need for success. Here is how SimSource can help you.

SimSource Simulation™ provides:

  • A safe environment to experiment with skills before they are attempted in real situations.
  • Time outs - a tool used to pause the simulation and allow individuals to work through challenging situations not possible in real life.
  • Live simulation in group workshops or seminar settings to engage learners and provide a buy-in opportunity to challenging subject matter.
  • Control in teaching or assessing competencies by creating unique scenarios that fit your company's needs.
  • Large group workshops to allow institutions to educate employees in company policy or procedures.
  • The use of professional actors specially trained in improvisation to adjust scenarios on the spot to meet learner's needs.


Verbal and written feedback is an important part of the simulation experience. Our actors are trained to give both types of feedback focusing on what is most important to your project (demonstrating communication techniques, executing tasks assigned to the simulation, effective/ineffective communication skills, etc.). Whatever your project requires, our experienced actors will give individualized feedback unique to each learner.

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