Services and Specialties

SimSource Inc. can assist you in all aspects of development, creation and implementation of your simulation project. Let our expertise in simulation guide you and your organization to effective and important results in training or assessment.


  • Law school education
  • Health care providers
  • Customer service
  • Mediation services/conflict resolution
  • Human resources training
  • Corporate training and development


  • Project development
    SimSource will work closely with you to determine your training and assessments needs and help you develop, build and deliver your project. We bring a wealth of experience and answers to all your simulation questions.
  • Individual and workshop simulation
    SimSource can develop and deliver simulation projects that focus on one on one encounters as well as simulation for workshops or seminars.

One-on-one simulation focuses on the communication and the accomplishment of tasks assigned to the simulation between the learner and one or more actors.

Workshop and seminars tend to gravitate toward more interactive learning. Our actors are adept at improvisation and are able to make changes to the scenarios on the spot — a situation which is not uncommon — and these adjustments can enhance the simulation experience by meeting specific learner needs.


  • Communication feedback
    Feedback is an important part of the simulation process. We provide verbal and written feedback to individuals or groups based on the communication skills exhibited during the encounter. Our actors are specially trained to give constructive, detailed and reflective feedback unique to each encounter.

Feedback is a unique opportunity that allows learners to:

  • Hear what impact their behavior had on others in the encounter
  • Address and reinforce accomplishments and solidify effective work
  • Deconstruct challenging moments and find solutions to problem areas
  • Hear from observers of the encounter and obtain the critical third party perspective
  • Mediation/conflict resolution
    Simulation is a powerful tool when used in conflict resolution. Whether in large group workshops or individual encounters, simulation creates a safe place to learn about conflict and explore behavioral options.


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